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A BBBR Resistance Fighter Shares Her Story


“… we've been told that there

WAS no death. Isn't that how

torturers try to drive people insane –

by contradicting one's inner reality?”


Dear Diva:


RE "step #5" -- you are FAR from alone in the physical symptoms; I have lost at least 20 pounds (not entirely a bad thing I have to admit <LOL>) and my sleep patterns have become completely randomized -- I think because for a while there, every time I dozed off, I'd wake up in yet another weird alternate universe ("they're counting? they're not counting? they're rioting? they're counting again?"...) and after two weeks of that I was afraid to go to sleep at all! It's just as well I'm, ahem, "between gigs" at the moment, or I certainly would be now. I still have dreadful raccoon eyes, although at least now I look more like a pissed-off zombie than a newly-dug-up zombie.


I was in a gyros shop at dinnertime on 12/09, and their TV was turned to CNN (HN); the minute I saw Boies' ashen face, I knew something was terribly wrong, just when I had been hopeful that at last the votes would be counted. I swear, that's the closest I've ever come in my life to passing out. Needless to say, I didn't get much of the gyros down. I'm still having odd moments when I flash on what's happened and I can't eat, there's no room for anything but that terrible betrayed feeling.


(scanning text: jeez, this is all about food, isn't it? wonder if the guys are taking it this way... <LOL>)


The only thing that's kept me going has been the net. I was lucky enough to stumble into the liberal-leaning nest of Salon's "white house" board real early in this mess, and seeing other people just as sick and outraged as I am has saved our TV from getting kicked in more than once. And seeing the continuing explosion of sites like yours gives me hope that together, if we know we're together, we might get through this somehow.



The best analogy I can draw, is that I

imagine this is what it might feel like to

suddenly lose someone you love to a

violent crime, only no one is grieving that

person's death with you, no one is looking for

that person's murderer, and people are telling

you to move on.  -“The Diva”



Worse: we've been told that there WAS no death. Isn't that how torturers try to drive people insane -- by contradicting one's inner reality? But no matter how hard they want me to, I don't see five fingers, O'Brien... (And damn, that's always been my favorite book, but I never wanted to be LIVING in it...)


And you can post this if you like -- you can even use my real name, I agree; why be this paranoid, they can't kill ALL of us, even if they try someone will eventually notice. I like the "silence=fear" notion, deserves to be a t-shirt...


 BTW, RE "freeper singalong" -- LOL, if you're taking requests how 'bout 'Don't Fear the Freeper'...? I wish I was a better filker, I get ideas and I can't turn them into lyrics...