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May 1, 2001











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Subj:  Are YOU "Over It"?  No?  Tell The New York Times

Date: 04/30/2001 10:31:59 AM Pacific Daylight Time



From Cheryl G.:





Sunday's New York Times Editorial says the American people are over the stolen election, let's tell them we're not!  The editorial:


...starts out well, reminding people that Bush lied about his extreme conservative agenda that is rolling back all our progressive advances.  Then under the subheading "Testing Time" it says:


"Today the general public appears to have moved past the ballot-counting disputes and grown comfortable with Mr. Bush's legitimacy as president."


Write to them at and tell them you will never "move past" these "ballot-counting disputes," nor ever feel "comfortable" with Bush's illegitimacy and his illegitimate agenda.  You can mention that on May 19th the pro-democracy forces led by and are putting on a bi-coastal Voter Rights March in Washington and San Francisco, to make just these points.


When you write include:

your full name

full address

daytime phone

evening phone the bottom of your letter.  (These will not be published.)  If you don't include this information, the letter will not be considered for publication.  If they get a ton of these letters they might start considering the pro-democracy movement and the May 19th demonstrations worth covering.  Maybe they will even write another editorial about it.




--Louisiana Senator John Breaux has emerged as key deal maker in the tax cut compromise between House and Senate being decided now.  Call him NOW at (202) 224-4623 and demand the lowest tax cut possible to save money for needed programs and avoid deficits. The Senate voted for 1.2 trillion in budget package.  You could say that you support something lower but if that is not possible, certainly not anything higher than this amount.



"The Diva"

WebMistress of BBBR






From: <Beth>


Sent: Monday, April 30, 2001 10:57 AM

Subject: ballot counting



Dear New York Times:


In regards to your Sunday editorial, I would disagree with the statement that "the general public... [has] grown comfortable with Mr. Bush's legitimacy as president."  I, for one, continue to believe that he has no legitimacy or mandate, and I will make my feelings known at the May 19th Voter March in Washington, D.C.  See and 


Even if many Americans have accepted Mr.  Bush's purported legitimacy, this may be because media outlets who have so far reported on the continuing recounts have used disingenuous methods to shore up that perception; in the case of the Miami Herald, excluding counties that would have given Gore the edge from their counts; in the case of USA Today, declaring that Bush won in their headlines only to acknowledge in the body of the article that this conclusion could be disputed.


I'd also like to see more American reporting on the Choice Point removal of voters from the voter rolls, as well as other polling place

irregularities, that prevented many registered Floridians from even casting ballots. 


All in all, if the public has accepted that Mr. Bush is legitimate, it is in no small part because the mainstream media has been complicit in promoting this perception; you can hardly act as impartial observers of this trend, if it exists, since your business has taken an active role in producing it.


I look forward to the day when I can again look to mainstream American media for fairness and balance in their reporting, as well as

hard-hitting investigative journalism of matters of national import.



Elizabeth A.

Ithaca, NY




Subj:  Letter to the Editor, New York Times

Date: 05/01/2001 1:16:36 AM Pacific Daylight Time

From: Liam W



To the Editors:


In reference to your whitewash editorial of Sunday, April 29th in which you so blithely assert that the nation "appears to have moved past the ballot-counting dispute" and has "grown comfortable" with Mr. Bush's "legitimacy as president" let me just say that your are not only wrong in this assertion, you are doing a grave disservice to the country and your profession with your editorial.


This American is not 'over it' and will not be 'over it' until this abomination committed against us and our country is rectified.  George W. Bush has no more a legitimate claim to the office of the presidency as I do to claim the throne of Norway.  He did not win the 2000 presidential election and only now resides in our house in Washington by dint of a corrupt majority on the Supreme Court bent on furthering their own agenda.  He was installed by a judicial coup d'etat and therefore lacks even a smidgen of legitimacy.


No, I am not 'over it' or ready to 'put this behind us' for the good of the country.  For the good of the country, for the honor of the memory of the sacrifices paid by Americans before me, I will not 'get over it' until that squatter is removed from our house and we have taken our country back from the thieves who stole it from us.


In less than three weeks, we shall be marching and protesting in DC and other cities around the country for a restoration of our rights as citizens and voters.  You could redeem yourselves in my eyes and those of more and more of my fellow Americans if you were to cover this event with the same degree of professionalism, dispatch, and grace that your forbearers Murrow, Cronkite, and Updike would have. However, I am fairly confident that you won't; and that saddens me more than you will ever know.






Liam W

Fairbanks, AK




From: "Nancy B."


Sent: Monday, April 30, 2001 4:55 PM

Subject: Mr. Bush's Beginning


 Dear New York Times Editorial Staff,


After reading what began as a decent portrayal of former Gov. Bush's first 100 days in office, I came upon this:


"Today the general public appears to have moved past the ballot- counting disputes and grown comfortable with Mr. Bush's legitimacy as president."


Let me assure you that the majority of the American public is still, and will remain, outraged by the Nov. 7, 2000 election outcome.   Let me also assure you if your paper relies on small polls on the internet or by phone polls, they are asking the wrong folks.  Let me assure you I am very uneasy and do not consider Mr. Bush a legitimately elected president.


Not only were voters disenfranchised by the State of Florida and DB Technologies, Inc. a subsidiary of ChoicePoint in an suspect if not

downright illegal voter purge (see U.S. Civil Rights Commission), but also by poll workers asking for one, two and sometimes three pieces of identification for non-white voters, police roadblocks, disappearing or suddenly moved precincts (see Florida A & M students), precincts that do not pass the ADA  and Voting Rights Act of 1965 laws...oh! so now you see that something went terribly wrong before and on election day 2000.  It's called institutional racism.


Then came the protest and contest phase.  Please, tell me who was the first party to bring a case, a federal case?  Gov. Bush, of course.  Vice President Gore fought within the state to have all votes counted. Meanwhile, former Gov. Bush and Mr. Cheney filed in Federal District Court in Atlanta.  Who is pulling whose leg here?


 Then came Bush v Gore.  Oh for the love of God and country, why did the Supreme Court, the arbiters of our Constitution ever take the case in the first place?  Constitutionally, when a dispute in the election of the President of the United States arises, the Congress shall decide.  Just look to the ad run by over 500 attorneys and law professors run in your own paper.  What the Supreme Court did was unconstitutional and unconscionable. Read the dissenting opinions again.


And dear editors, this disenfranchisement happened in my State of North Carolina.  It happened in Georgia, Tennessee, Missouri, Alabama, Illinois, and the list goes on again.


I am the North Carolina Organizer for the National Voter March to Restore Democracy in Washington, D.C. May 19th 2001.  Your editorial does not deter us.  It screams at us to be loud, be proud, to be heard, to be free.


I am deeply saddened that the New York Times is so very out of touch with this country.  Or is this just what you want us to believe?  That we are over it?


Think again.  I will never forget that a party and judicial Coup d'Etat took place in the United States of America before and on Dec. 12th, 2000.


I work everyday for social justice and Civil Rights.  I will forever it seems.  And must, for to forget the Pastor in Florida who went to the polls to vote last November 7th only to be denied his vote and told he was a felon, when in fact, he was not and had never been arrested would kill the spirit of justice for all.   Or the Haitian Americans asked for three ID's? Or the Florida A & M students that had a "disappeared" precinct?  Shall we forget them as if they were one too many pieces of laundry?


You may think I "appear" not to exist as I will not "move on."  I assure you, I will fight for justice and the right to vote fairly, easily, and

without harassment or intimidation until all Americans are re-enfranchised.


What motivates your editorial staff to make such a sweeping statement as quoted from the editorial in question?   Has the New York Times sold out to Corporate America's ideology?


What a shame.  Or should I say, sham?



Nancy B.

Pittsboro, NC




From: <Robin C.>


Sent: Monday, April 30, 2001 3:51 PM

Subject: [BBBR] Please e-mail to nytimes to explain why we won't forget the coup




To the editor:


I am really disgusted with your Sunday editorial's assumption that all Americans should "move past" their concern about GWB's theft of the presidency.


We are not talking about a few sneaky tricks in a high school sophomore class election here.  This country is supposed to be a democracy.  In the hands of a dictator, the United States, with its untold military might, would be a danger to democracy and freedom all over the world, as our allies are already observing. 


Those of us who care about democracy, freedom and fair-play; those of us who care that minorities be allowed to vote; those of us who respect our elderly and our new immigrants who are so excited to vote in America; those of us who believe in majority rule and minority rights; those of us who believe in the rule of law, are astonished that so few in the media "get it":   When a partisan Supreme Court disregards two hundred years of constitutional law to install a co-partisan in office against the popular will, that isn't something a free people "gets over."   When a highly partisan, not to mention uninformed and professionally incompetent, election official chooses to co-chair a candidate's campaign, that's not something you "move past."   When officials of the government are organized into hit squads to intimidate local election officials, that is not a tea party.


These are just a few of the elements of the United State's only coup d'etat.  Whether you at the Times are blind to it or you are benefitted by it, you are still ultimately going to be judged by history as insensitive to the needs of democracy.  You are complicit in the destruction of freedom in your own nation, because you told us to "move past" what may prove to have been the most momentous choice made by this nation in its history.  That choice is the decision to sit idly by while a movement bent on destroying freedom and democracy, and raping the treasury, took over without a shot being fired.  


A situation to be envied by every Third World dictator.





xxxxxxxxxxxx Drive

City,State   ZIP

Day phone:  XXXXXXXXX

Night phone:  XXXXXXXXX




From: "Joe F."


Sent: 04/30/2001 12:52:13 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Subject: Mr. Bush's Beginning


Dear Editor:


In your April 29 edition an editorial, "Mr. Bush's Beginnings" stated:


"Today the general public appears to have moved past the ballot-counting disputes and grown comfortable with Mr. Bush's legitimacy as president."


In no way have we accepted Mr. Bush as the legitimate president.


We know that no number of located stolen votes can change the present situation. Five members of the Supreme Court appointed Bush as president. No ballot counting nor any protest could suddenly make Al Gore President of the United States, although we know Al Gore won both popular and electoral college votes.


That issue is not dead, but it is not prudent to waste energy, resources and time on a situation that cannot be changed.


Although we still know that Bush is not the legal president, we are concentrating on other issues.


We strongly oppose the Bush tax cut for the rich. With his tax cut and proposed budget, even is the economy stays strong, does not add up. Mr. Bush may call it "fuzzy math" but the rest of us know simple arithmetic.


Mr. Bush lied about clean air and water. He wants us to drink arsenic and his backing out of the Kyoto agreement shows he has no regard for our atmosphere. Mr. Bush is a proven liar. He wanted to feed our school children salmonella.


The Bush family and Cheney have very strong ties and influence with the petroleum industry. Bush and Cheney are very capable of increasing gasoline prices as propaganda to drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.


Bush has irritated almost every other country, even our allies. We believe Bush will start a war to make his rich friends richer and in an effort to unite the country with him. In Bush's war, he won't go. It will be our sons, daughters, husbands, wives and sweethearts that will be forced to fight Bush's war. Understand, Bush considers us expendable to reach his goals. Your loved ones coming home in body bags means nothing to Bush. Bush is only interested in paying back the rich powerful that invested in him.


The investors in GWB expect a return for their investment. Not just tax cuts, they expect to be able to dip into OUR U.S. Treasury, Social Security and Medicare trust funds. Mr. Bush fully intends to give them the returns they expect.


The fundamentalists worked tirelessly toward the Bush election. They want a state supported church and full control of OUR children's education. Mr. Bush is moving in that direction at full speed. Next will be burning people at the stake.


The most dangerous thing Bush plans is packing the courts with ultra-conservative judges.


The election is gone, we were robbed. However, we must put all our efforts in preventing Bush and the ultra-conservatives from destroying democracy in the United States of America.


Please cover the Voter March in Washington, DC, on May 19.




Joe F.

Texarkana, Texas









From: "The Diva of BBBR"


Sent: Monday, April 30, 2001 4:00 PM

Subject: [BBBR] Re: Letter to the Editors of the NY Times, Regarding "Mr. Bush's Beginning"




Tammy --


You nearly made me cry with this.


I have not forgotten that he was illegitimate, but as time has gone on and new atrocities pile up, I had forgotten, a little, the litany of offenses against sense, fairness, and democracy.  Now I recall how it felt to lose hope when the election was first called; and how, checking one last time before bed at nearly 4am I saw that Gore had retracted his confession.  How I rushed to the tv room, and met others there; how by 6am there were a half dozen of us, pulling, *pulling* with our hearts and souls and spirits, for Gore.  How I kept pulling.  How much of my time and energy and passion the legal aftermath took, and how I raged at my computer, reading about the legal non-justifications of the SCOTUS' final decision, about every injustice in Florida. How the mainstream media didn't care, wouldn't give it credence.


I think, with the threats to abortion rights and labor and the environment and the separation of church and state; with the energy crisis manufactured by wholesalers and the budget and tax cuts out of control and completely wrong; my focus has shifted.  As it needs to, in a way, if I am to possibly have any effect on the future.


But thank you for reminding me of the emotions of the election. You made it vivid again, and reminded me how none of the horrors happening now would have happened had not a high crime taken place.



Dear Beth:


I know many people have persuasively argued that the coup is a done deal, and that holding onto outrage over it is counter-productive,

especially now that there are policy atrocities to attend to.


I feel, for me, that it's possible to continue to dissent and protest the coup, while focusing on the activism needs of the present.


I guess, for me, I never considered Al Gore the main victim of coup2k.  In my heart, I have always taken it personally, and I am, like a crime victim whose perpetrator is allowed to go free, still furious and unable to move on.


Something was taken from me, something I want back.  And unless and until I get it back, I can't forgive, forget, move on, or get over it.


But, like you, my activism focus has widened, and probably will continue to, as the results of the election theft pile up and up.  It is my sincere opinion, however, that the madness we are now living with began with the conspiracy to steal the 2000 Election, and fighting one means fighting the other.



"The Diva"

WebMistress of BBBR




From: "Diana C H.


Sent: Monday, April 30, 2001 5:49 PM

Subject: Re: [BBBR] Re: Letter to the Editors of the NY Times, Regarding "Mr. Bush's Beginning"



<<In my heart, I have always taken it personally, and I am, like a crime victim whose perpetrator is allowed to go free, still furious and unable to move on.


Something was taken from me, something I want back.  And unless and until I get it back, I can't forgive, forget, move on, or get over it.>>



THANK YOU DIVA!  You said exactly what I have been wanting to say today and just couldn't put into words.  I had gotten into a conversation about the yo quiero el residente today and I couldn't quite express myself ...thanks for putting these words in. It is exactly how I feel!








From: "TQ W II"


Sent: Monday, April 30, 2001 5:49 PM

Subject: Re: [BushOccupation] Letter to the Editors of the NY Times, Regarding "Mr. Bush's Beginning"



Very nicely written. Heartwarming in its completeness, and a touching reminder of why I cringe every time I hear that lowlife open his hideous, smirking yap.


Can you send me a URL so I can point people to this?


thanks, tqii



Subj:  I feel the exact same way

Date: 04/30/2001 9:31:25 PM Pacific Daylight Time

From: Cathy H




I feel the -- so same!

You touched on every issue...

It makes me sick to my stomach when I hear him or see him on tv....

or anyone telling us to move on.....

and now telling us we have moved on! 


thanks for the letter it was worth reading!



"If this were a dictatorship, it'd be a heck of a lot easier,

just so long as I'm the dictator."-12/18/00

GWB the Idiot sELECT






From: <Elaine>


Sent: Monday, April 30, 2001 11:32 AM

Subject: Re: [BBBR] Letter to the Editors of the NY Times, Regarding "Mr. Bush's Begin...



Hi Tammy,


This is one hell of a letter. You spoke all that is in my heart, mind and soul. Mine will not be as eloquent, but it is from the heart.






Subj:  Re: [democratsconnection] Letter to the Editors of the NY Times, Regarding "M...

Date: 04/30/2001 8:35:52 PM Pacific Daylight Time

From: Ann K.



In a message dated 4/30/2001 10:51:11 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:


<<  We exist.  We fight on.


And we are disgusted with those in the media who do not, and never have, acknowledged either our existence, or our concerns.>>


I write to compliment your message which will be of help to me in composing my letter to the NY Times.  There are days when I despair, your message reminds me that there are millions of outraged Americans, which I had expected to read of the day following the election. Not a word printed or spoken about the most heinous, unbelievable assault on Democracy in American history. When the Time magazine representative called about renewing my subscription and assured me that featuring Bush as "Person of the Year" was a joke,  I assured him that it was no joke to fifty million, five hundred thousand disenfranchised Americans and cancelled my subscription. I live in Long Beach and am always surprised when the Press-Telegram prints my letters to the editor.  There must be at least one Democrat on the staff. The paper, however, has not made one mention of the out and out treasonous takeover by the Fascists. I will be typing a letter for an elderly aunt who hopes to live long enough to see the entire cabal placed in tumbrils and dragged down Pennsylvania Avenue !


PS.  While in college I worked as a typist, never wanted to see another typewriter.  I now man the computer for hours each day peppering the right wingers . Andy Rooney commented last night about his mail, pro and con, said that the those writing complimentary letters were better spellers !   The Republicans who answer me,  followers of Limbaugh, and the hate radio nuts are mean and ignorant.  (What a constituency)


Keep up the good work,


Ann K.

Long Beach, CA



Subj:  Thanks!

Date: 04/30/2001 7:47:47 PM Pacific Daylight Time

From: Neil



Just a note to say thank you for all you've done and for continuing the cause.


It's a comfort that when people like myself feel absolutely powerless and it seems that no one cares about the overthrow of our democracy anymore, you're still there.


Thank you ...  Thank you ...  Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!






Subj:  re: your letter to the editor in NY Times "Bush's Beginnings"

Date: 04/30/2001 6:40:03 PM Pacific Daylight Time

From: glenn m.



Go girl ! ! !


I'm in Alaska.  Your letter was sent to me by my brother in OK.


I felt much the same when Bob Dole used the term: "the loyal opposition". Does he oppose anything based on party . . .and not merit ?


I have MANY friends here who buy into the Repub crap. I try to point out to them that they do not have enough money to be a Repub... but they insist... 'course that is probably based on the thinking that the Repubs will help Alaska with the oil debate and therefore their pockets. I'm afraid that at the top of the political food chain (DC) there is not much difference between Rep or Demo... unfortunately.


I did enjoy your article.  Just like the "Supreme" set aside the voting process -  individual judges set aside the will of 12 on a jury.  My country is NOT the place I was taught it was... but I'm four days older than dirt.


Glenn M.

Big Lake, Alaska




Subj:  Thanks For Your Letter...

Date: 04/30/2001 4:02:18 PM Pacific Daylight Time

From: Ron_C.

To: the New York Times.  We're still mad up here in Alaska, too -- and we're not about to let it drop.  Thanks for articulating why.  I'm

sharing your words with a lot of friends.


Ron C.




From: <Ann>


Sent: Monday, April 30, 2001 11:09 AM

Subject: Re: [Voter] Letter to the Editors of the NY Times, Regarding "Mr. Bush's Begi...



You left out two points that I will also never forget.


1. The stuffing of military votes, especially in Duval County.

2. The FL. Legislators taking a vote to pick their own electors just in case Gore came out ahead in the recounts.