Jesse Jackson Questions Florida Voting


On Pencils Vs. Pens:NAACP Alleges Voter Suppression in Florida, Reuters, Wednesday November 8


Broward County:Problems at Polls Prevent Hundreds from Casting Votes (Miami Herald)


Ballots Ran Out According to St. Petersburg Times


More Irregularities Alleged


Voting Scrutinized All Over Florida


Florida Ballot Quirks Scrutinized,1597,247897-412,00.shtml


Florida Cops Accused of Harassing Black Voters


Election Day Allegations Could Form Basis for Legal Challenges, Experts Say


Moving Toward a Lawsuit


Many Mistakenly Removed from Voter Rolls


Xavier Suarez Involvement in Absentee Drive


Florida Recount Continues As Lawsuit Threats Rise


NAACP Says Fraudulent Calls Surface in Florida (before election)


NAACP Alleges Voter Suppression in Florida


Voting Irregularities, Chaos Reported in Florida,1162,oso-nation-82375,00.html,1162,sunsentinel-elections2000-82375,0



Voters Statewide Say They Had Poll Troubles


Widespread Voting Irregularities Marred Presidential Results in S. Florida,1136,36000000000124144,00.html


After Bizarre Vote, Experts Question Whether Election Process Is Fair,1136,36000000000123968,00.html


Dade's Ballot System Delays Tally


New York Times, "African Americans Demand Revote"


Registered Voters' Names Failed to Appear on Voting Rolls,1162,oso-nation-82375,00.html


Union, black leaders plan to battle GOP in court


Minority Vote Denial Leads to More Suits,1136,36000000000133020,00.html


Transcript James A. Baker III on Fla. Recount, Nov. 10, 2000


Associated Press story was available as of 11/9 at


Wall St. Journal Article


NAACP hears testimony of Florida voting irregularitiesóBreed, Allen G,

Associated Press Wire, 11/11/00.(Hearings Televised on CSPAN, 11/12/00)


Pensacola Ballot Prompts Fraud Investigation


Gore camp demands FBI inquiry,,34812,00.html


GOP Played Role in Absentee Vote